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  1. My wife bought me your book from The Little Read store (signed copy – cool). I picked it up and did not put it down! LOVED the history of Art’s and Florence’s families. The Vreeland accounts were amazing. The book put me right into that era. Thanks for writing and sharing this!

    Rich – Wauwatosa

    • My best guess is that it’s between the current Menomonee River Parkway and the Menomonee River, somewhere near Kenyon Ave. Maybe a little north of there. My next trip to Tosa, I hope to bring the photo I have of Blackridge and see if any of the houses in the photo are still there.

    • Was blackridge swimming hole actually a part of thaw Menomonee River or was it a separate identity of it’s own?

      • My guess is that it was its own separate entity, or at least a part of the river that didn’t get much flow. The fire department had to flood the area each year to create the swimming hole. There used to be an island in the middle of the river in the area we’re talking about, part of which has been filled in. I wonder if the swimming hole was the part of the river that went around this island, the part that is now filled in.

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