Wauwatosa Historical Society

Wisconsin Historical Society

Milwaukee County Historical Society

Paul Hoffman author Facebook page

Viewpoint Books, Columbus, Indiana

Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

Edinburgh Wright-Hagemann Public Library

Bartholomew County Public Library

The Wauwatosa NOW three-part series I wrote about the Buddy Schumacher case that was published in Summer 2010. This is a “Reader’s Digest” type account, and does not include information I’ve discovered since then.

A book by my friend, Bobby Tanzillo: “The Milwaukee Police Station Bomb of 1917,” published by The History Press. Bobby and I worked together in the Milwaukee Sentinel sports department many years ago.

Website for an author friend of mine, Michael John Sullivan, who encouraged and advised me through my authoring process. He has written two novels — “Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness” and “Everybody’s Daughter.” The Library Journal named “Necessary Heartbreak” one of the best books in 2010 in the Christian Fiction category. “Everybody’s Daughter” is the sequel to Necessary Heartbreak.

Website for a photonovelist friend of mine, Heather Hummel, who gave me lots of good advice on this book adventure. Heather does the “Journals from the Heart” series, including “Whispers from the Heart” and “Write from the Heart.”

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