I Asked, You Answered

Note: I spent some time relaxing in a forest once, moving a chair from spot to spot, just opening up my senses to what I noticed.


I asked you to reveal yourself to me

Soft lines of gossamer stretched from leaves to blades

Connective tissue

Strong, elegant, bold


I asked you to show me the voids I need to fill in my life

The rusty coils of an old tattered mattress sprung forth

Once a comfort

Sharp, ugly, broken


I asked you to help me overcome my hurdles

Birds sang a sweet song in a calm wind overhead

Leaves floated down

Serene, green, relaxed


I asked you to help me be a leader in my home

A chipmunk scurried past, coming or going

Flies buzzed and landed

Working, playing, exploring


I asked you to show me how to take care of my personal concerns

Branches strew about having fallen from the trees

A large log impedes my path

Troublesome, rough, surmountable


I asked you to help me help my leaders

Woodpeckers on either side of me

Staccato in stereo

Powerful, poignant, rapt


I asked you to help me make a difference

The sun warmed my face, red-orange glow through eyelids closed

Dancing things

Playful, proper, gung ho


I asked you to help me attain our hopes for me

Beads of dew on a dandelion’s leaves reflected the world around them

Moisturizing the moment

Nourishing, glassy, dutiful


I asked you to help me give more of myself tomorrow than I did yesterday

Bees buzzed about from pollen to pollen

Honey makers on the job

Engaged, focused, purposeful


I asked.

You answered


By Paul J. Hoffman




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