On Freedom’s Shore

Note: Fear can paralyze us and keep us from being free, just when we are ready to break through.

On freedom’s shore, we sit, stand, lie

Staring into the horizon of human existence.

Tiny waves lap at us, beckon us, tempt us.

“Come, taste freedom.”

But we are afraid to swim.

“We will help you.”


We stare at the orange sun sinking

Turning red and purple at dusk.

Reflections in the sea subside

Of where we’ve been, where we are going.

“Dare to dip your soul in the healing water.”

We dare not.

We don’t know which is worse, which is better.

“Dare to live.”


We shun the light.

We make it hide.

In our darkness we invent creatures

And imagine obstacles.

We don’t realize we’ve already broken through.

“You’ve been here before.”

We don’t remember.

“It was good.”

It was?

“It can be again, my child.”



We can see it, feel it, hear it, taste it.

Can we believe it?

A warm, salty breeze loves on us.

We are consumed with dancing and singing.

“Your song is beautiful.”

We aren’t so sure.

“You should share it.”

We want to put it in our pocket.

“It will make others well.”

We make ourselves small.

“Dare to make yourself big again.”

Will we?


By Paul J. Hoffman




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