Those People

Note: I wrote this when I was very upset with someone. I realized that if I said and did all the things I thought of doing when I was upset that I would just do the things that other people did that made me upset. What good would that do? 

I want to say some really nasty words right now

I’ll come up with elaborate insults to hurl

I want to say things that will really hurt people

Those people who do stuff they know they shouldn’t do

Those people who hurt other people

Those people who refuse to follow the rules

I want to swear and curse and throw one big hissy fit

I want my fist to clench, my face to redden

I want spit spitting through my teeth as I expose them for the jerks they are

Those jerks who don’t care about anyone but themselves

Those jerks who think that hurting others somehow makes them bigger than everyone else

Those jerks who look down on those they think are lower on whatever totem pole they’re on

I want to point my fingers accusingly

I want to slap some sense into youngsters who think they know everything

I want to make crude noises and gestures at all those stupid fools

Those fools who lie, cheat and steal their way through life

Those fools who are terrible role models for their children

Those fools who should be imprisoned but are not

I want to impress all my ideologies with a 2-by-4 upside their skulls

I want to take away everything I’ve ever given to them

I want to exact revenge for all my pain from all the idiots

Those idiots who take each gift for granted

Those idiots who think peace, love and understanding is a laughing matter

Those idiots who force their ways on other people

I want to crush, destroy, pillage and plunder

I want to be in control so I can do to the little guy what the big guy has been doing to me

I want to do what all those people do

When they get so stinking pissed off that they can’t even think straight

And then they violate every single ounce of human sensibility there is

But then I would become those people

And I would have to let them treat me with contempt, too

By Paul J. Hoffman


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