I'll be adding book signings, radio interviews, and other such appearances on this site under the Events tag. So far, I've got a book signing at the Edinburgh (Ind.) Wright-Hageman Public Library in the works. Details to be announced when we set the time and date.

The cover

Here is the cover. Back cover (left), front cover (right). Great job, The History Press design team! 673.9 buddy schumacher cvr  

Books by the end of June!

I have just been told by The History Press that the Buddy Schumacher book will be out approximately the end of June. I've ordered 550 books for myself to sell, and I get a higher percentage of the profits if you buy from me instead of elsewhere. I won't get billed for the books I've ordered... Continue Reading →

Bet you didn’t think this would be in the book

A list of people, places and things that are mentioned in this book, believe it or not: The  rock band Foreigner Citizen Kane Pomerania George Webb Carrie Nation Al Capone Yunkles Golgotha Sawdust trail Truth serum Terman's Stanford-Binet Fourth Revision scale Santa Claus Maudlin sentimentalists The Golden Age of the Hobo Sigmund Freud Australia Georgia... Continue Reading →

the Glamorous Life of me

Here's the latest in the glamorous life of a soon-to-be published author. This just oozes glamor. By the way, as you can see here, page proofs have been edited and I have made final corrections. All that's left is to do for me is provide a groovy author photo and work on a map to... Continue Reading →

Page proofs have been edited

I just finished proofing the page proofs. I just need to send the corrections to the publisher, send a photo of myself that isn't hideous, do a little work on a map and then wait for the publisher to send me a cover, start some marketing and wait for the book to get published.

Page proofs in my hands

It didn't take long at all for me to get page proofs sent to me after returning the manuscript back to The History Press. I've now got in my grubby little hands the book as it will appear in print. This is extremely groovy (a 1960s/1970s term that needs to seriously make a comeback). In part,... Continue Reading →

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