The old swimming holes

Blackridge, the old swimming hole in Wauwatosa, before the construction of Hoyt Park pool nearby.
A new wading pool, shown above, was built in 1931 to replace Blackridge, the old swimming hole in Wauwatosa. – Milwaukee Journal photo

The above photo is of a new wading pool at Hoyt Park that replaced Blackridge, the swimming hole where Buddy and his friends used to go. It was published in the Milwaukee Journal on July 24, 1931.

The caption under the photo read: “The new Emerson D. Hoyt park wading pool for Wauwatosa children is shown above. The picture was taken early this week on the first day that the pool was put into use. Several hundred Wauwatosa children were splashing around even before the Wauwatosa fire department pumper had finished filling the pool with water. The pool, constructed at a cost of $1,500, has been dug out of an old bed of the Menomonee River about a block west of Ludington Ave. A drain pipe has been installed under the diving board do that the pool can be continually filled and drained, thereby always being filled with fresh water. The pool was laid out under the direction of M.L. Torkelson, Wauwatosa city engineer.”

Below are photos of the new pool at Hoyt Park and the area where the old swimming hole and this wading pool were.

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