Promotional poster ready to go

Here is the poster we'll be using to promote my program at the Yes Cinema in Columbus, Indiana, on August 19. You'll be seeing it around Columbus soon. And you should start seeing it on-screen before movies at the Yes in the near future. There's already one in Out of the Blue Finds, a neat... Continue Reading →

More details for Yes Cinema program

We've worked out a few of the details for my Monday, August 19, presentation on "Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher” at the Yes Cinema in Columbus, Indiana. This event will be a fundraiser for the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Care Center, a nonprofit agency helping out folks in central Columbus. As such, we... Continue Reading →

Costco book signings – Oct. 13, 2012

Part of the whirlwind tour of Milwaukee on Oct. 13 included two book signings at Costco Warehouses. First, in Grafton, then in Pewaukee. My wife and I had a lot of fun meeting people, eating free samples of food and selling some books. These photos are from the Pewaukee leg of the adventure.

E-book announcement

The History Press plans to include my title, Murder in Wauwatosa, in its growing series of e-books that it will bring to market in the coming weeks. The electronic edition will be distributed through the most prominent e-book sales channels, and The History Press plans to begin that process immediately. This will take up to... Continue Reading →

The books have arrived!

I went home at lunch today and saw a bunch of boxes outside the backdoor. My allotment of books has arrived from The History Press. Two weeks earlier than expected! Those of you who have already sent me money for books will have them sent in the mail shortly. You may still order from me.... Continue Reading →

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