We’re almost there!

The text has been sent to The History Press. Image information has been sent. Images (except for four 1925 newspaper images I'm waiting on from Milwaukee) have been sent. About the Author has been sent. Just those four more images and the publisher will have everything!

The book’s official title

In consulting with The History Press editorial staff, we've determined that the book will be called “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher.” I've sent a CD full of images to The History Press, including a photo of myself. Not much left to do on my end but send the manuscript, which could very well... Continue Reading →

Image update

I just got permission to publish some newspaper reprints from 1925 in the book. We'll have some images from the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel. Thank you! As you can see from the News Coverage photo gallery on this site, the Milwaukee papers devoted a lot of coverage to this case.These images are really going... Continue Reading →

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