Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? – Breaking down barriers that prevent us from understanding each other

There has pretty much always been fear on this planet, the offshoots of which are greed, anger, hatred and It occurs to me that many people on this planet are getting angrier with each other. Some of the fear we feel come from misunderstandings with other people. I took a class in college that addressed... Continue Reading →

UW-Milwaukee Osher program talk

I had the priviledge to present the story of Buddy Schumacher at a University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Osher (ages 50+) program in downtown Milwaukee on Tuesday, March 19. My wife was kind enough to take a few photos. Thanks to everybody who came. I had a great time!

Not slowing down much

I thought this was going to slow down a bit, but all of a sudden... *I'll be doing an interview with M Magazine¬†soon for an upcoming issue. M Magazine bills itself as Milwaukee's Lifestyle Magazine. There is a digital version and a print version. *Working on setting up a date in early 2013 to speak... Continue Reading →

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