It’s all about me

I've added several items to the About Me section of this site, including a bio that basically amounts to a resume and a few stories I've written and designed for magazines for which I've served as an editor. The bio information details my education background and career in journalism, as well as the awards I've... Continue Reading →

A few more photos

I've added a few more photos: grave site for Buddy's parents, Art and Florence Schumacher, as well as some of the coverage that the Wauwatosa News had in 1925. The News' coverage was much more toned down compared to the coverage that the Milwaukee papers provided on the case. In fact, the News only ran... Continue Reading →

Not too much longer…

I received an email from the publisher today. In part: "I am happy to inform you that within the next few weeks, your manuscript will be edited, paged and sent to print!" This is cool. For those of you who are champing at the bit to start purchasing multitudes of signed copies of the Buddy Schumacher... Continue Reading →

And yet more pictures

I've got all sorts of images I can put on this site. I've already added some of the houses that Buddy Schumacher and his family lived in, as well as some of the sights one might see in The Village, Wauwatosa's downtown area. There's much more, a lot of which I'll have to scan in.... Continue Reading →

Pictures of Wauwatosa

I've started posting photos of Wauwatosa areas that relate to the story of Buddy Schumacher's disappearance and murder. The first ones I posted concern the area where Buddy was headed when he disappeared ... the ominous-sounding Blackridge, an area that the Wauwatosa Fire Department used to flood in the 1920s and 1930s for use as... Continue Reading →

We’re almost there!

The text has been sent to The History Press. Image information has been sent. Images (except for four 1925 newspaper images I'm waiting on from Milwaukee) have been sent. About the Author has been sent. Just those four more images and the publisher will have everything!

The book’s official title

In consulting with The History Press editorial staff, we've determined that the book will be called “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher.” I've sent a CD full of images to The History Press, including a photo of myself. Not much left to do on my end but send the manuscript, which could very well... Continue Reading →

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