4 stars!

This is the first review of "Murder in Wauwatosa" that someone posted on the Amazon.com website. 4.0 out of 5 starsĀ  A summer day, a swimming hole - but no Norman Rockwell painting... July 22, 2012 By Timothy P. Williams Growing up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (a Milwaukee suburb,) author Paul Hoffman heard about the 1925... Continue Reading →

A few more photos

I've added a few more photos: grave site for Buddy's parents, Art and Florence Schumacher, as well as some of the coverage that the Wauwatosa News had in 1925. The News' coverage was much more toned down compared to the coverage that the Milwaukee papers provided on the case. In fact, the News only ran... Continue Reading →

Update 4/15/2012

Progress update on the book: I have finished writing and have edited twice. I am in the final stages of collecting all the photos and maps and other images that are to be considered for the book. When that has been accomplished (within the next week I hope), I'll send everything to the publisher, The... Continue Reading →

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