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The public has spoken. You asked for Chapter 1, you got it. Chapter 1 Mrs. Harwood Knows I know who killed the Schumacher boy. ­Lillian Harwood Lillian Harwood lived with her husband, James, next door to my family for several years when I was growing up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a suburb just west of Milwaukee.... Continue Reading →

The books have arrived!

I went home at lunch today and saw a bunch of boxes outside the backdoor. My allotment of books has arrived from The History Press. Two weeks earlier than expected! Those of you who have already sent me money for books will have them sent in the mail shortly. You may still order from me.... Continue Reading →

Page proofs in my hands

It didn't take long at all for me to get page proofs sent to me after returning the manuscript back to The History Press. I've now got in my grubby little hands the book as it will appear in print. This is extremely groovy (a 1960s/1970s term that needs to seriously make a comeback). In part,... Continue Reading →


The presale for my first book, “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher,” has officially begun. By ordering now, you will be able to get autographed copies as soon as I receive books (orders processed as first-come, first served). The benefit to me by doing this presale is that if I sell you... Continue Reading →

It’s all about me

I've added several items to the About Me section of this site, including a bio that basically amounts to a resume and a few stories I've written and designed for magazines for which I've served as an editor. The bio information details my education background and career in journalism, as well as the awards I've... Continue Reading →

We’re almost there!

The text has been sent to The History Press. Image information has been sent. Images (except for four 1925 newspaper images I'm waiting on from Milwaukee) have been sent. About the Author has been sent. Just those four more images and the publisher will have everything!

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