OK, this is weird

Yesterday, I get a report that someone who said she was Buddy Schumacher's younger sister entered a bookstore in central Wisconsin last weekend looking for a copy of "Murder in Wauwatosa." It has been reported to me that the lady said the book was all about her family and was  "talking about it all like... Continue Reading →

Johnson County Museum photos

These photos were taken, and apparently one was manipulated, by Mark Freeland, a fantastic photographer who lives in Franklin, Indiana, on Feb. 1, 2013 at the Johnson County Museum of History in Franklin. The museum has my book available in its gift shop. All copies are autographed. Thanks, Mark!

Letter from a reader

Following are portions of a letter emailed to me recently from a Wauwatosa native who read "Murder in Wauwatosa." Hopefully, this stirs up some positive memories for others who grew up there. Hi Mr. Hoffman: I just finished Murder in Wauwatosa and wanted to send a quick email thanking you for taking the time to... Continue Reading →

M magazine story

Just published! To see M magazine's story on "Murder in Wauwatosa" in its January 2013 issue, click here. Then, go to Page 26. It's a fine story, although one correction needs to be noted. The story says that two men were charged with the crime. In actuality, nobody was ever charged. But two men did... Continue Reading →

A letter from a happy reader

A letter I received via email the other day regarding the book: December 13, 3012 Dear Paul Hoffman,      Thank you for writing your book about Buddy Schuhmacher.  I found it at Sam's Club about 10 days ago and bought one for myself and my family and one for a book club book exchange.  It... Continue Reading →

Location of Buddy’s grave

I've had a few people ask me recently how to find Buddy Schumacher's grave. My wife and I went there today and have some landmarks to look for when finding it. Here we go: It's at the Wauwatosa Cemetery, just north of Longfellow Middle School, which is at 76th Street (Wauwatosa Avenue) and North Avenue.... Continue Reading →

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