Location of Buddy’s grave

I’ve had a few people ask me recently how to find Buddy Schumacher’s grave. My wife and I went there today and have some landmarks to look for when finding it. Here we go:

It’s at the Wauwatosa Cemetery, just north of Longfellow Middle School, which is at 76th Street (Wauwatosa Avenue) and North Avenue.

It’s not quite at the highest point of the cemetery, as I had previously thought.

The gravestone is flat and difficult to see unless you’re right up on it. It’s in Section 7, a little northwest of the highest point in the cemetery.

When standing at Buddy’s grave (marked Arthur L. Schumacher), if you look directly to the north, you’ll see a house that is on the northeast corner of 78th and Wright streets. The grave lines up almost exactly with the front door of the house. If you look directly south, you’ll see the cemetery mausoleum.

If you look to the west, you’ll see a large, magenta-colored gravestone near the road running through the cemetery and immediately to the east, you’ll see a large gray stone that says “Armstrong.”

Buddy’s grave is among other Schumacher and Armstrong graves.

Hopefully, this will give you grave seekers better directions to get to the grave.

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