Three Months in Dublin

Having spent some time in Scotland and Ireland this summer (my first time in both countries), I was inspired to start writing a novel based in one of those countries. I chose Ireland, specifically the country's capital and largest city of Dublin, as the setting. Edinburgh, you were awfully close! Hmm ... may have to... Continue Reading →

We’re Number One

Go ahead and chant. It's OK. "We're Number One! We're Number One!" I have been told that my book, "Wicked Columbus, Indiana," now holds the┬átitle of No. 1 best seller among adult nonfiction books at Viewpoint Books, our great independent bookstore in downtown Columbus. Last week, the first week the book was available, it was... Continue Reading →

The book’s on Nook

You can get this book on Nook! Click here. ...and as of 11:30 p.m. Eastern time on July 18, 2012, "Murder in Wauwatosa" was ranked the No. 1 true crime Nook book by Barnes & Noble. We're No. 1!

E-book announcement

The History Press plans to include my title, Murder in Wauwatosa, in its growing series of e-books that it will bring to market in the coming weeks. The electronic edition will be distributed through the most prominent e-book sales channels, and The History Press plans to begin that process immediately. This will take up to... Continue Reading →

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