A new direction? Or just another role?

I’ve been doing this publishing thing for just over a week now, and already it’s led to some opportunities I hadn’t expected.

On March 30, I published a book of memoirs, essays and song lyrics by a longtime musician with my 18% Gray Publishing arm of creative genius. “Shut Up and Listen: Me vs. Me: Confessions of a Bipolar Rock and Roller,” written by Milwaukee’s Rob McCuen, has sold fairly well, ranking solidly among the top

100,000 print books on Amazon for most of the week, hitting what I suspect was a high of 58,000-something. This is out of more than 8 million titles on the site.

One of the more interesting developments with “Shut Up and Listen” was selling a Kindle version in The Netherlands. I should have checked what ranking that gave us on that country’s Kindle list, but I forgot to look until several days later, when we were at 9,000-ish.

In the meantime, I’ve had a few other people contact me about publishing their books. That has led to me to publish desktop publishing programs that are much more design friendly than Microsoft Word, which is what I used to design Rob’s book. I love Word, butScreenshot_20200331-184914_2 not for design work. Affinity was offering its publishing suite half-price, and the platform is similar to what I used when I had a day job. So .. no-brainer.

I’ve now had a friend and fellow author, editor and publisher offer me her publishing business. I’m looking into what all that would entail. It’s a little different than just putting together one book for a buddy and putting it up on Amazon.

I still plan on writing, and now that I know I have the capability of publishing, perhaps I’ll publish one or more of my own books when they get done, and if I don’t get a big deal elsewhere.

But, am I about to make publishing my main thing? Will it be a sidelight? Will I go ahead and purchase this company and have some clients?

So many options. I’m eager to see what’s in store.

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