Of Bob Zany, Grand Funk Railroad and Buddy Schumacher

An update on things:

A great time was had by all at the MARN gig on August 1, when I worked on my speech making and image presenting skills. Thanks again to Mark Mantel for heading this up.

Advice to authors: Schedule a family reunion for a small town shortly after your release date. More advice to authors: At the end of the family reunion, frequent local establishments where your relatives like to hang out.  This worked well for me on August 4 in Clintonville, Wis. Sold a book to the lady who was running the hotel in which I was staying. I was told my autographed business card with my photo would be placed on the wall of fame, along with the likes of comedian Bob Zany and the band Grand Funk Railroad, who also apparently stayed at the Landmark Motel.

The only book that was left on the premises at Boswell Book Co. on the east side of Milwaukee was signed by myself late last week. Hurry! It might be gone soon! Or they might purchase others, too. But they won’t be signed ..until at least the third week of September or so, when I plan to return.

Next up: Saturday, Aug. 11: coffee and books at Starbucks in Columbus and Aug. 16 at the Bartholomew County Library in Columbus. See details of these and ALL events here.

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