Another 5-star review

Another five-star review on Amazon!
Thanks, Art Mellor!

September 14, 2012
I don’t know who killed Buddy Schumacher…,

…and you probably won’t either when you are done with the book, but you’ll surely enjoy the story. Paul (the author) happens to be a childhood friend of mine who has participated in a mutual pranking/teasing battle for our whole lives. I should really write up a giant fake review to get him, however I feel that his book is a seriously good read. While it is especially interesting to those who are familiar with the Wauwatosa area, it is a fantastic view into how the world was different back in the 20’s from murder investigations, to how the press reported sensational stories, to how society dealt with the mentally ill. Paul has done a tremendous amount of background research and made an unsolved murder in a small Wisconsin town come to life. I read it initially out of duty (this is not my usual genre of reading material) , but finished wanting to recommend it to others.

OK, now where’s my check, Paul? 🙂

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