Watch the Fox-6 TV interview

Here’s the entirety of my WITI Fox-6 TV interview with Brad Hicks, done live in studio on Sept. 23, 2012.

I really enjoyed my time there.

Thanks to my brother, Andy, for uploading the video to YouTube.

A little about the experience, my first TV interview ever:

This was the first of two trips to Milwaukee (from central Indiana) in five days. My wife and I drove to the station early on the Sunday morning and were able to hang out and watch the guys in the control room for a while.

It sure was a much grander set-up than the small studio I used at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee during my TV production class eons ago.

When it was my turn to go into the studio, I got miked. I was also expecting some makeup of some sort, but I guess they figured I was perfect just the way I was.

Kimberly and I sat at the table where Brad Hicks would interview me and watched the show until just before my segment. The lights were very warm and I was hoping I wouldn’t be caught sweating on camera.

During a break, Brad took a photo of my wife and I. She also took some photos during the interview.

I was fairly calm for it being my first TV interview, and a live one at that. I’d done WUWM radio a few weeks previous, but that interview was recorded and edited. So I could afford to mess up … which I did a couple of times. I felt confident in the TV studio, though.

The cameras don’t have cameramen standing behind them, like you’ve seen on TV. They are controlled from elsewhere and look like robots as they pan from side to side, rise up and turn.

Things went well with the interview, although at first I wasn’t sure where to look. There is a monitor on the TV cameras and I found myself wanting to look at that to see if I looked dorky. But once Brad started asking questions, I figured it best just to look at him. Seemed the right thing to do.

You can judge for yourself if the interview went well. Everyone I’ve talked to thus far said it did.

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