Discussion topics

I recently had the leader of a book club ask me for some discussion topics on my book, which her group is reading right now.
In no particular order… this is what I came up with (any other suggestions would be appreciated):
*Who do you think killed Buddy Schumacher and why?
*Do you think any of the authorities involved covered up what happened? Why or why not?
*Had TV been around back in 1925, how do you think the coverage of the case might have been different?
*Do you think that if this crime had happened today, it would be been solved? Why?
*Did this book enlighten you at all on such topics as pedophilia, media coverage or police work? If so, what did you learn?
*Have there been any recent events that remind you of aspects of the Buddy Schumacher case? How are they similar/different to Buddy’s case?
*Is there anything else you wish the author would have addressed in this book?
*How well did the author describe the main characters? Do you feel like you know them?
*Are you going to tell everybody you know about this book so that the author can afford to feed his family?

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