Senior Center comments

I just got an email from Judi Parmeter, with the Wauwatosa Senior Center, where I will be speaking in March. She said that the Contemporary Book group from the center has read “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher” and conducted a discussion on it.

I provided a few discussion questions for them, which apparently were pretty good suggestions, according to Judi.

Here are the discussion topics I suggested:

*Who do you think killed Buddy Schumacher and why?
*Do you think any of the authorities involved covered up what happened? Why or why not?
*Had TV been around back in 1925, how do you think the coverage of the case might have been different?
*Do you think that if this crime had happened today, it would have been solved? Why?
*Did this book enlighten you at all on such topics as pedophilia, media coverage or police work? If so, what did you learn?
*Have there been any recent events that remind you of aspects of the Buddy Schumacher case? How are they similar/different to Buddy’s case?
*Is there anything else you wish the author would have addressed in this book?
*How well did the author describe the main characters? Do you feel like you know them?
*Are you going to tell everybody you know about this book so that the author can afford to feed his family?
Judi said that discussed “yellow journalism” and found that this might be “a shortened version of the phrase “yellow kid journalism” based on a cartoon Yellow Kid (1895) in the New York World, a newspaper that had a reputation for sensationalism.”

She said that two members of her group personally knew Lillian Harwood (my next door neighbor when I was a kid and the woman who spoke to me of the Schumacher murder) end spoke about her and the memoirs of her relatives.

Several of the members thought that map on Page 10 was hard to read and were wondering if I could bring a larger one to my talk. I agree with them on this as I wish the map had turned out a little better. I will try to get a better copy for my meeting and PowerPoint presentation.

Finally, Judi shared this: “The group members are looking forward to your presentation in March. They will share with everyone they know about the book so you can afford to feed your family.  They got a chuckle out of this comment.”

Thanks, Judi! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

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