A spike on the bestseller list

After 3 1/2 months of waiting, Amazon’s bestseller ranking have finally been updated, and we got some good news for “Murder in Wauwatosa.”

Since early February, Amazon had been working on repairing something that caused the rankings to go down. They just came back up, and I was happy to see that Buddy Schumacher’s story hit a peak of 40,637 (out of more than 8 million books) on May 8. This is the second highest the book has ever charted. The highest we ever got was 38,028 on Sept. 23.

On another note: I’ll be announcing details of my multimedia program at the Yes Cinema in Columbus, Indiana as they become available. We’re tentatively scheduled for a Monday in late August to coincide with the 88th anniversary of Buddy’s disappearance. I’ll be working on upgrading my PowerPoint program, adding sound, perhaps inviting a guest or two to help me out. It’s still in the planning stages. If it works out, I may be able to bring it to a theater near you!

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