This is what the book is all about

These comments from Carolyn Richards Chamberlain on “Murder in Wauwatosa” really get to the heart of what this book is all about. It’s not just a story of a tragic murder of a child. That is the vehicle. But all the issues related to this case are the real stories. Thanks, Carolyn!

“As I got to the last 30% of the book, I just sat alone on our balcony and wept. What boys went through, what mental patients had endured and then inflicted on others, what neglect there was on those that could have used and improved with a safe place and supervision…it was so real to me because it is my town…those were streets I have passed thousands of times, those are stories of people in the recent past. Your description of how Buddy’s loss really did change Wauwatosa, Milwaukee and mental health care everywhere, and did bring on some really necessary changes in how closely people watched out for their kids, how we deal with our mental health patients and how to keep the children much safer…the parks free for families to enjoy….it was beautifully written. I learned a lot and I thank you for all the time you spent helping us appreciate how blessed we are and how Buddy’s death saved future lives. Thank you.

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