Special guests for Yes Cinema presentation unveiled

I am happy to announce the identities of two special guests who have graciously agreed to help out with the Yes Cinema presentation on August 19.

  • Detective Lieutenant Mike Ward with the Columbus Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division will speak on the updates in investigative tools police have at their disposal today that they may not have had in 1925, when this crime took place.
  • Bud Herron, retired publisher of The (Columbus) Republic, will speak on “yellow journalism” and the differences/similarities to the ways in which this case was covered in 1925 and how it might be covered today.

I will also present a PowerPoint presentation on the book and related topics. And we might have a few more surprises up our sleeves.

Event details:

Aug. 19, 7 p.m.  at Yes Cinema, 328 Jackson St., Columbus, IN 47201. Info: (812) 378-0377. This is a benefit for the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Care Center, a nonprofit agency helping out folks in central Columbus. $1 admission goes to the center. Concessions proceeds go to the center. $1 from the sale of each book goes to the center.


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