‘This is the way I like to see social history presented’

Here are some excerpts from a pair of emails I received today from Nancy Cavanaugh, a resident of Wauwatosa, a reader of “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher” (she is also the author of a book on boomers and social media and has two degrees in history):Nancy Cavanaugh

   “Just finished reading your book for the third time. The 89th anniversary of the murder has just occurred, and what happened is even more realistic to me because I live within walking distance of most of the locations described in your book.

   “Great research! You not only explain events, but put them into the context of the crime/investigation. I have two degrees in history from UW-Milwaukee, and this is the way I like to see social history presented.

   “It’s interesting to see how a horrible event like a local murder forces change. Today, the village area is full of beautiful parks and the area around the Hoyt Park swimming pool has been maintained very well. No one could possibly know what happened when the area was once more rural.  

   “The Little Read Book down in the village had your book in the front window for months. That’s what attracted me to it in the first place and it was worth every penny!  

    “As you can tell, I love to read books related to history and yours is one of the top ten best I’ve ever read.”

 — Nancy Cavanaugh

Author of “The Boomer’s Guide to Social Media Success: Harnessing Your Inner Expert to Promote Your Business” Buy at The Little Red Book or online at: http://www.boomersocialmediabook.com

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