Researching nonfiction and turning it into fiction

I had a great time with some great folks at AllWriters Workplace & Workshop in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on July 18. I was honored to be asked by director and founder Kathie Giorgio to teach a class there during one of the Celebrity Saturdays. Apparently, I’m some celebrity or something … a minor one I’m sure.

The topic was “Researching Nonfiction and Turning it into Fiction.”

We discussed the many methods that can be used to uncover clues to the story behind the story. In addition, we talked about some ideas on turning your research into nonfiction without losing the integrity of the original story.

Here are a few photos that my wife shot of the workshop and the studio:

10891836_10152962821866860_6556975489708044545_n 11665371_10152962822116860_1561957824233120877_n 11701156_10152962822111860_6036874491957640116_n 11701223_10152962822126860_5369994325824672030_n 11742996_10152962821861860_2703804646073953095_n 11745355_10152962821856860_7070314772286971510_n 11745619_10152962821871860_5013243692822393603_n 11755082_10152962822121860_5355316095242304141_n 11755199_10152962821876860_4472992185611289406_n

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