Spotlight on authors, overcoming hurdles

Kyrian Home Page 11-07-2015

I need to thank fellow author, Kyrian Lyndon for putting me in her “spotlight” for the month of November 2015.  She looks for authors who have overcome something significant in their lives, then profiles them, their work and does an interview about their work and aspirations. She also allows the authors she profiles to explain in their own words what they overcame and how they did it. I wrote about overcoming sexual abuse.

Click here to see Kyrian’s spotlight on me.

The road to this interview started when a mutual author friend, Michael John Sullivan, introduced us. Kyrian said she was doing this project where she profiled authors who had overcome some sort of hurdle.

Other than discussing the abuse with a couple of fellow church members several years ago, and with a very small, select group of close friends, I had never mentioned it. I hadn’t even told my wife, although part of the reason is that by the time I started dating her, I’d finally overcome that hurdle.

To read about how this affected me, and how after many years I was able to finally put it behind me, click here or scroll to the bottom of the Kyrian’s spotlight page on me. There are links at the bottom of the page to my abuse story as well as the various ways people can connect with me.

Hopefully, talking about it publicly will help someone else who has endured something similar. Or, maybe it will help someone who has considered doing this to someone else or who has committed such an act already realize just how harmful it can be to the victim and just how long the suffering goes on. Maybe it will help prevent an occurrence. Either way, I hope my talking about it does some good somehow.

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