We’re looking at March

The History Press, my publisher, is going through the first edits on “Wicked Columbus Indiana,” my second book. We will go through two edits apiece before the book gets published. Seems like this is about a six-week process, so we should be out early March I’d imagine. We will keep everyone up to date and do a pre-sale.

Before I start writing in earnest again (whatever project I decide to tackle next, I’m not sure), I’ve been catching up on a little bit of reading.  The most recent books I’ve read are by people I know:

  • “5 Days in May: The Greatest Spectacle in Science Fiction” by John C. Bodin and RonCollins. I used to be in a writers group with Ron and find his sci-fi sports stuff very enjoyable. He does other sci-fi, so if you’re into that, check his stuff out here.
  • “Monkey in the Middle” by Dobie Maxwell, a comedian and former radio host from Milwaukee with a heck of a life story. Find out more about “Mr. Lucky” here.
  • Oh, and I must mention that my talented wife, Kimberly Hoffman, has just had her first book published. It’s a children’s story about a little spider who goes to dance class called “Emma’s Dancing Day.” It’s available everywhere books are sold. You can find more info at her publisher’s website here.

Prior to those two books, I got my poetry fix on with “Last Words” by Antler, who attended the same high school I did (Wauwatosa East in Wisconsin), but graduated way, way before me. I was also in the middle of “Gathering Place of the Waters: 30 Milwaukee Poets” when I started writing my latest book. So I have to get back to that.

I’ve completely switched gears the past week and am reading a 1951 book by L.L. Castetter called “Fundamentals of Human Engineering” that I picked up at a new shop in Franklin, Indiana, called Studio Stuff. The premise of this book is that man has developed so much knowledge about stuff, but knows so little about man and he needs to learn more about himself and his fellow humans in order for us to form a better existence for each other.

And I need to finish Peter Roller’s “Milwaukee Garage Bands: Generations of Grassroots Rock” that has a bookmark stuck in it.

So, until I get my manuscript back to work on, I’ll be reading and writing.

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