Wickedness at the library

I was thrilled to see so many people come to the “Wicked Columbus, Indiana” program at the Bartholomew County Library tonight. We laughed, we cried, we had moments…

Seriously, I want to thank everyone for coming out. I especially want to thank Mary Clare Speckner from the library for inviting me again. She had me in a few years ago to talk about my first book, “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher.”

I also want to thank my peeps at the Scribblers Writing Club in Columbus. Several members read excerpts from the book, and the whole club has been very supportive of this book and my work in general.

And my lovely wife, Kimberly, who served as my assistant, photographer and  gopher for the evening.

We’ll be reprising this event Tuesday at the Harlequin Theatre in Fair Oaks Mall in Columbus. So, if you missed us at the library, stop by the Harlequin.

We’ll also be at Viewpoint Books in Columbus Aug. 12 and 19. Our great hometown bookstore carries my book, and lots of other books by some great local authors.

Here are a few photos from the festivities at the library:

Several books on the history of Columbus .
Audience members.
More audience members.
Paul Hoffman using his arms to make a point.
Kathy Wills reads an excerpt.
Lori Haggard reads.
Nancy Pulley reads an excerpt.
Kimberly Hoffman reads an excerpt.


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