Who else is talking about ‘3 Months in Dublin?’

So, as I struggle to maintain somewhat constant motivation to write this novel I’ve been working on that is based in Ireland, I try different motivational tactics. Sometimes, I need none or they come at me without my applying any effort … or little effort. Someone will say something that reminds me of something else that makes me wonder if this character or that character should say that. Or someone in Ireland will like a social media post of mine, and I’ll think “Well, that person is Irish, so all Irish people will want to read what I have to say.” Dumb thought, but if it works as motivation, I’m taking it and running with it.

2017-07-11 17.15.44
No, no no. I didn’t say 3 PINTS in Dublin, I said 3 MONTHS in Dublin. This photo was indeed taken in Dublin, however. I took it in the Guinness Storehouse in July 2017. One of those was my pint. It was good.

Then, something will happen – life or work or a combination thereof or something else – that derails me. Sometimes, I just need a break and need to do something other than write. Read, relax, exercise, eat, sleep, shave, what have you. Or nobody will click “like” or on that little heart, and I think “Well, everyone hates my writing. I should never write again. Ireland? Hah, it’s too rainy there. Why would my main character want to go there for three months? Is he daft? Does he want to spell color with a “u” and drive on the left side of the street and convert dollars to euros and everything?” And then I despise all things Irish, except my Irish friends, and I have nightmares of driving on the right (wrong) side of the M-50 during rush hour.

Neither extreme really works as it relates to accomplishing the goal of finishing the first draft of this novel and having some agent say “Wow, you’re totally awesome! Why have you been wasting your life as a journalist and publishing nonfiction books? You’re the next whomever writes these kinds of books.” And then everyone buys the book, reads the book and I get enough money so that I can just write more books without working another job and I could go to Ireland for three months, like J.P. Sharpe, the protagonist in “3 Months in Dublin” does.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with all of this – which is what I feel like at times with the aforementioned novel that may or may not get written – except as a vehicle to tell you I came up with a motivational tool to get back on the novel-writing path again. It’s kind of dumb, as are many things I’ve done when it comes to this manic-depressive state of writing “3 Months in Dublin.”


I decided to go online and do a search for “3 Months in Dublin” in quotes to see what there was to see. Maybe someone has already written a best-selling book by that name. That might de-motivate me. Maybe someone has said somewhere, “I can’t wait for somebody to write a book titled ‘3 Months in Dublin’ so I can read it and love it and tell all my friends about it. And I have lots and lots of friends.”

Neither extreme popped up on my search. Below are some of the top results I did find, though. I hope you find them engaging just a tad. And if you don’t, just remember, my book “3 Months in Dublin” will be way better written than anything you read below, or hopefully, anywhere in this post. That’s the goal anyway.

So, without further ado, here is some of what I found:

  • Summer Accommodation (3 months) in Dublin? Got news today that I’ll be working on Harcourt Street for the summer and will require accommodation for June, July and August. [I hope he lets me know what he found out]
  • I spent 3 months in Dublin improving my English in an academy and I would love to work as a nanny at the same time. [But did she improve her Irish?]
  • After having spend the last 3 months in Dublin, I’m pretty sure that I want to bring some real souvenirs with me home to Denmark. [It took three months to determine whether this great Dane needed Irish souvenirs?]
  • Formus to introduce wireless b’band within 3 months in dublin [Hey, if you can’t even spell “forums,” I don’t think your wire can possible be very broad, and it quite possibly could be banned. Note: The Irish will laugh at this more than the Americans.]
  • An Excel Administrator, 3 months in Dublin City Centre, €15 p/h in the Financial Services industry.  [I’m an excellent administrator.]

    2017-07-11 15.46.01
    I had no idea what “Yellow Brick Road” was when we passed by it in July 2017. I now know that it is located at 8 Bachelor’s Walk, in Dublin City Centre on the north bank of River Liffey just west of O’Connell Bridge (is that enough detail for you to find it?). It stocks a huge range of hand-made jewelry materials. At least that’s what I’ve been led to believe.
  • Freelance Nuke Compositor. Screen Scene. February 2011 – April 2011 (3 months). In Dublin – Working on Game of Thrones – Season 1 [Nuke? Microwave? Nuclear bombs? Not sure I want to know.]
  • I spent 3 months in Dublin, I studied at Dublin Atlantic language. My stay went very well, as well in town as at the school, where the atmosphere was amazing. [Guessing you had a few nice jumpers and Wellies to deal with the atmosphere. Feel free to look up any unfamiliar terms. I’ve been doing a lot of that.]
  • I am Londoner of Irish decent and lived for 3 months in Dublin back in 2000 and have visited many times after for work and leisure. [How indecent of you to misspell “descent.”]
  • Sharing accommodation requires for a professional female for at least 3 months in Dublin south. Please pm me. [I’m afraid to ask what type of profession, although I think I have adult content blocked on my search engine.]

Aren’t you glad you read all the way to the end?

I kind of feel like working on the book now. Just one more Irish coffee or Guinness or shower with Irish Spring, and …


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