ICYMI: Wicked video from Columbus Past presentation

In case you missed it (that’s what ICYMI means), here is video of the “Wicked Columbus, Indiana” presentation at Ivy Tech Community College on Oct. 25. The program was the first part of the school’s Columbus Past, Present and Future series, which is in it’s second year.

A good time was had by all who had the desserts afterward. Thanks, Ivy Tech people for asking me to stop by and discuss salaciousness, villainy, mayhem and the like!

See screenshots from the video below. Top left: Yours truly making some poignant point. // Top right: Chancellor Steven Combs gets the night started off. // Far right: Ivy Tech – Columbus librarian Bethany Messersmith introduces the program. // Center: Local author Louise Hillery tells people about Death Valley, a section of Columbus that was plagued by rats, flooding and substandard housing until it was cleaned up in 1963 to make way for Mill Race Park. // Far left: My wife and children’s author, Kimberly S. Hoffman, enlightens attendees on one of the city’s most famous madams, Lillian “Todie” Tull. // Bottom: I introduce my daughter, Emily Hoffman, an Ivy Tech student who read from the chapter on William Schreiber, who stole a bunch of money from his employer, First National Bank, and fled to Canada in 1888.Wicked Ivy Tech video

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