On the radio in Ireland

So, I was on the radio in Ireland recently. Which is cool.

I was on a show called Lunchtime Live with host, Dr. Ciara Kelly, on Newstalk 106-108FM talking about how kids have shunned Facebook as we “old” people took it over. Listen to the podcast here.

I don’t think I said anything earth-shattering. But I did manage not to embarrass myself nor my country.

Here’s how this came about: I’ve been following the show and Ciara on Twitter for a while. I occasionally listen because they touch on many universal topics. Sure, there are many topics specifically geared toward Ireland or Dublin or that corner of the planet. Ciara does a great job with her interviews, too, so I find it quite interesting.

I’ve commented on Twitter from time to time on some of the topics and have been asked a few times if I could go on air live with Ciara to talk further. It hadn’t worked out for one reason or another until Wednesday (Dec. 5).

By the way, Ciara was kind enough to read a section of my upcoming book, “3 Months in Dublin,” and offer some advice from someone who lives there. So my section on the train ride from the Seapoint station south of Dublin to the Tara Street station in Dublin could perhaps be totally spot on now.

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