Dad’s Book is Out! Dad’s Book is Out!

Finally, the news you all have been waiting for! Well, at least the news I’ve been champing at the bit to tell you (yes, “champing” is the right word, believe it or not). But I digress.

Dads book on Amazon

Dad’s book is now a reality. Well, okay, it’s been a reality for him for a bit now. But it just went up for sale to the public today (June 1, 2020). He needed time to get books sent to really super duper close family and friends before we posted it for public consumption.

If you didn’t get one in the mail from him, don’t think he doesn’t like you. The “really super duper close family and friends” thing was really super duper select. So, you’re probably close, just not THAT close. Like more than fairly close, just not really super duper close.

Or maybe you don’t even know him. That’s a distinct possibility.

“The Tales of Hoffman(n): Memoirs, Essays and More Covering World War II All the Way to Coronavirus” is available in both print and Kindle versions here. It’s got snappy section/chapter headlines, color photos, and lots of other cool stuff!

Here is what we put on the back of the book in order to let you know more about what’s inside … and also to entice people to buy it:

“Growing up in Clintonville, a small town in east central Wisconsin, during World War II provided Ray Hoffman with great fodder for stories to tell his children and grandchildren. Whether it was the time he ended up miraculously unhurt after being run over by a car (but lying about it when he arrived home crying) or pulling some shenanigans around town, his stories are full of fun, wit and wisdom. This book, which he started writing in 2002, chronicles many of those youthful adventures, as well as his experiences intercepting Russian messages in the U.S. Air Force during the Cold War, his 33-year teaching career near Milwaukee, fatherhood, grandfatherhood, and retirement. Throughout, he opines in a sometimes serious, but often whimsical, way about such subjects as aging, family, politics, and more. He also explains how he lost the second “n” off his last name while in the Air Force. Join him as he paints nostalgic pictures of small-town yesterdays as well as capturing images of more modern times.”

It’s $12.99 for print, $5.99 for Kindle, free if you have Kindle Unlimited.



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