Why I Publish

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I got an email the other day that contained a simple question: “Why do you publish?”

The answer seemed equally as simple at first. But, as I tried to put it into words, the more my brain said, “That’s not so simple.” I actually saw multiple questions when I thought about it.

As the owner of a hybrid publishing company, I’m the intermediary between the author and the reader. So, I have both sides of the equation to consider. I’m an equal sign. Not acropped-pathbinder-logo-low-rez-96-dpi-8-x-8-300x300-1.jpg greater than sign nor a less than sign if all goes according to plan … a right smart equal sign.

I do this to bring my authors’ words and expertise to the public. In so doing, I want readers to be informed and/or entertained. I also want my authors to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. That’s one of the reasons I insist on publishing quality products. There can’t be much of a feeling of accomplishment and purpose if the book wasn’t professionally edited and designed, and readers cringe at every misspelled word or incomplete sentence.

Hopefully, both the authors and myself can make a little bit of money along the way, at least enough to keep us both wanting to do it, and readers continue to show interest in what we have to offer. And if one of the big boys wants to pick up one of our titles, more power to my author. Good show!

I know first-hand what a lift being published can do for a writer. After having two of my own books published through a traditional publisher, I published books on my own for a

friend and my dad before I bought PathBinder Publishing in May. Hearing the excitement in their voices and reading the positive reviews made me happy for them.

So, IngramSpark, that’s why I publish. Maybe it’s a longer answer than you were looking for. But, it seemed to me that I needed to add in a bit of explanation.




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