Fritz is back! (and other publishing updates)

A little update on my publishing efforts thes days:

Fritz is back

Fritz Franke

After about two years off attending to a smattering of personal matters, Fritz Franke is ready to be reintroduced to his adoring public. At PathBinder Publishing, we’re in the early stages of figuring out the best way to market Fritz’s triumphant return. He is the creator of a fantasy/science fiction series called The Savior Project, which eventually will comprise nine books. Three of them have been published, and Book Four will be out soon.

The series is about Chris Gates, a successful baseball star and U.S. senator who has unknowingly been trained from birth by aliens as one of their own. “He will lead us from a path of destruction and teach us how to fight those that hunt us,” Fritz says.

Check out Fritz’s website here for lots more info on The Savior Project, some cool video trailers for the books, as well as his bio and his other works.

As an aside, Fritz Franke is one of two Facebook friends I have with the first name Fritz. They share a birthday. That’s weird.

A Cover for Gary

The latest development with Gary D’Amato’s book, A Perfect Childhood: Growing up in the 1960s with Baseball, The Beatles, and Beaver Cleaver, is the finalization of the covers.

We’re both elated with the work done by graphic artist, Anna Perlich, who used to work for me when I was in the journalism business. We’ve got the design for the paperback done and are both going over it one last time.

Once we’ve got that done, I’ll get an e-book prepared. PathBinder is still on schedule for the planned October release.

More Stories and Lyrics from Rob McCuen

Everyone’s favorite bipolar rock and roller, Rob McCuen, is slated to have a new book of crazy stories and edgy lyrics out by the end of the year. My first publishing company, 18% Gray Publishing, put out Rob’s Shut Up and Listen: Me Vs. Me – Confessions of a Bipolar Rock and Roller, came out earlier this year and generated some buzz, especially in the Milwaukee area.

What else?

We’ve got some other folks who are finishing up manuscripts, and in the past few weeks I’ve talked to some other potential new authors as well as a small town in Indiana wanting to see if we can reprint a history book for its bicentennial celebration in 2022. We’ll see what happens.

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