In-person Imaginarium … yes!

We weren’t able to attend our annual creatives conference in person last year due to that one pandemic thing, and while we did engage in a lot of programming virtually, it will be great to see many of our friends face to face again this weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, when Imaginarium goes live again Friday through Sunday, July 9-11.

My wife and I will be involved in our sixth Imaginarium convention this coming weekend. The convention is in its eighth year, so we only missed the first two. It’s an event for writers, creatives, and fans of creators, of all genres, that features three days of panel and workshop programming, an expo, a film festival, entertainment, cosplay, and more.

Imaginarium features a broad array of guests and panelists, including authors, editors, publishers, filmmakers, screenwriters, game designers, comic creators, artists, actors, and many other creatives. The convention is an inclusive environment that fosters networking, learning, professional opportunities, promotional opportunities, and other benefits to independent creatives.

The 2021 edition will feature both virtual and in-person events. The in-person event will be held at the Holiday Inn Louisville East, and the virtual event will be hosted on the AccelEvents Platform.

There’s lots more info on the Imaginarium website. Just click here.

My wife and I will be serving as guest panelists in some of the sessions, as we have in previous years. We will also be available in the Vendor Hall with books we’ve written and/or published and our bright, shiny faces.

Paul’s panels

Here is my panel schedule, if you’d like to stop by (MOD indicates that I’m the moderator for that panel; includes duration of session and room):

Fri 1:15pm (MOD) Let the Truth Be Told:  Discuss writing the prose regarding real people, places, and events. Learn tips on where to research and the legalities that come with writing in this genre. (60 min  / BO 3)

Fri 3:45pm Importance of Cover Art: A discussion on the importance of great cover art, the different types of art that you can utilize, and where to seek out the right artist for your project. (60 min  / Ellis)

Sat 12:30pm Layout / Design: This panel will help walk you through the layout and design processes for both eBooks and print. (60 min / Calumet)

Sat 4:15pm Character Clichés: Learn how to avoid the cliche trap when writing your next story. Learn tips on putting a new spin on some old favorites within the speculative fiction realm. (60 min  / Claiborne)

Sun 10am The Search for Editors: Learn why you should not self-edit from skilled editors, what to look for when searching for the right editor for your book, and where to find great editors for hire. (60 min  / Calumet)

Sun 11:15am (MOD) Writer’s Programs: A discussion regarding the different writing programs now available and the benefits of each one. (60 min  / Ellis)

Kimberly’s panels

Here is Kimberly’s panelist schedule:

Sat 10am Plot or Pantsing: Discussing the pros and cons to plotting or pantsing before you start your next story. (60 min / Ellis)

Sat 3pm Writing Is The Easy Part:  – The Many Jobs Of An Author: Writing a novel is the easy part of being a writer. It’s the part most of us enjoy. The real work starts after the first draft. This panel will walk the audience through the different aspects of being an author many people haven’t even thought about, from editing to picking between traditional publishing and self-publishing; from marketing to locking down your elevator pitch. (60 min  / Calumet)

Sun 11:15am Where the Wild Things Are: Join in on a discussion regarding writing for children.  Learn ways to grab and keep the young reader’s attention. (60 min / Claiborne)

We are looking forward to seeing old friends as well as making new ones.

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