Still seeking information

Even though this book is written, I’m still open to hearing more about this case. I’m hoping at some point to do a screenplay and would welcome additional information on any of the people involved. Among the people and topics I would love to hear more about would be:

  • William Brandt’s family. Brandt was one of the men who confessed to killing Buddy Schumacher.
  • Wauwatosa Police Chief George Baltes. 
  • Milwaukee Police Detectives Adolph Kraemer and Bruno Zellmer,
  • Edward Vreeland, a homeless man questioned about the killing.
  • What Wauwatosa was like in the early 1920s.
  • What Wauwatosa residents thought about the case, who did it, etc.
  • Arnold Yunk (Jung or Young), one of Buddy’s friends who was with him the day he disappeared.

If anyone can supply any more information on these topics, or can think of anything else that may be of interest to a movie-going audience, I’d appreciate a note.

You can email me at or mail me a note to P.O. Box 2611, Columbus, IN 47203. Make sure to include contact information in case I have any questions. 



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