Fun at the Rosebud

This was one of my favorite gigs thus far.

We were able to put our PowerPoint presentation up on the big screen at the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse on Saturday morning, Oct. 13. We managed to overcome a few hurdles, such as a sound system that was on the fritz (I projected very well, I am told) and a leaky roof on the rainy morning. Fortunately, the leak was to the right of the screen and not right where I wanted to stand. Although I guess we would have adjusted anyway we needed.

The Rosebud is a great place to sit in comfy sofas and watch movies while eating some great food and drink.

I was excited to see old friends like Peter Wilt, Joy Olson and Matt Anderson, as well as parents of former classmates such as Inge Adams and Mrs. Chirichigno. I also got to meet one of Buddy’s relatives, Jim Armstrong, whose father, Gaylord, was raised by Buddy’s parents, Art and Florence, in the house I grew up in — many years before I moved in.

It was neat getting to speak at a theater where I first saw “Young Frankenstein” while in high school.

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