Updates, updates and yet more updates

It’s finally time to exhale.

After a couple of months of book signings, talks and several trips to the Milwaukee area, my schedule (where my book is concerned anyway) has finally settled down just a bit.

We had 11 author events in the past three months, highlighted by a three-suburb, one-day tour in the Milwaukee area on Saturday, Oct. 13.  While I don’t have anything etched in stone yet for the rest of 2012, we are working on some more events in central Indiana and the Milwaukee area. Announcements will be made as plans are solidified. The next event that has been booked will be at the Wauwatosa Senior Center in March.

It’s been a great three months with my first book. I’ve been able to meet all sorts of neat people, reconnect with childhood friends, spend time with my parents and other family members and explain to people what importance the story of Buddy Schumacher holds not only in Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee area, but just about anywhere where there are children and people who would do them harm.

I’ve added more recent news coverage of the book to the website, including articles in the Shepherd Express and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I’ve added photos from last Saturday’s events at the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse in Wauwatosa (Click here) and the Costco Warehouse in Pewaukee (Click here).

I’m still investigating the story and have some new leads to check into. If anybody knows anyone who knows anything about this particular case, the people involved in it or what the townspeople thought about this case back then, please contact me at phof63@sbcglobal.net.

The near future will include some more investigating and some pitches to media outside of the Milwaukee area for coverage. Long-term, I’m planning on this becoming a feature film.

Thanks to everybody for their interest and support!

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