A ‘Wicked’ Resurgence

Well, this was unexpected.

My second book, Wicked Columbus, Indiana, which has been out 4-1/2 years now, ended up being the No. 6 best selling nonfiction book at Viewpoint Books in Columbus last year. It was No. 2 in 2017, also, but that was the year it was published, hence understandable.

The last half of 2021, Wicked was on the local bookstore’s best seller list quite a bit. But I hadn’t considered being among the top 10, let alone the top two for the year. This is pretty cool.

Brian Blair of The (Columbus) Republic had some interesting words to say about this Wicked resurgence in a story he wrote highlighting the top sellers at Viewpoint last year. This section of his story is oh so precious: “Hoffman’s book featuring some hard-to-believe local happenings was published more than four years ago, but has popped up on the store’s weekly bestseller lists so often in that time that friends have ribbed him that his impact is a Beatles-esque feat in publishing, given the work’s popularity and endurance with locals.”

So, I guess he said I’m as popular as the Beatles, whomever they are.

Due to the Wicked revival, I’ve just scheduled a talk March 19 in Edinburgh, Indiana.

Now, if we can get a Murder in Wauwatosa resurgence, I can quit the day job. Wait, I already did that.

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