Donating to Huntington’s Disease Research

Here’s your chance to get in with Paul and Packy for our annual fundraiser to find a cure for Huntington’s Disease, a hereditary, fatal disease that has similarities to ALS and Alzheimer’s.

My felt border terrier and I found $113 in coins on our walks in 2021, and I got an immediate matching donation from a friend, so Huntington’s Disease Society of America already has $226 from this effort.

Last year, we raised $755. The goal this year is $1,200.

To donate:

*I set up a fundraiser on Facebook. Find me at The money goes directly to HSDA.

*Send me money through PayPal ( – mark it as going to a friend so all your donation goes to the cause).

*Donate directly to any HD chapter you want. is the Huntington’s Disease Society of America site. There are sites for other countries and for individual states, too.

If you want your donation to be counted in Paul and Packy’s Walk for HD, and you don’t send via Facebook or PayPal, let me know the amount so I can add it to our total. I won’t make anybody’s donation public; that’s up to you. But I do hope you’ll share this, so we can make as big a difference as possible.

Donations are tax deductible.

I found out about this disease from a friend in England who lost three close relatives, including her brother, to Huntington’s Disease. Jacqui Harrison and I had both been doing a #100DaysOfWalking challenge set up by a radio show host in Ireland a few years ago and popularized on Twitter and Instagram. Jacqui makes felt border terriers in memory of her brother and sends them to people who take photos with the dogs on their walks or vacations or wherever to promote awareness of HD.

I received a dog, who I named Packy, and we’ve been on adventures ever since. Part of our adventures is finding coins on our walks. My stepdaughter, Sarah Akemon, suggested I merge the coin finding and my concern for HD. Hence, the fundraiser, the first one of which I did last year.

If you’d like to see a bit that BBC Radio 4 did on Jacqui’s journey, click here.

Thanks all!

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