Podcasting in Wauwatosa

Maybe that headline is a bit misleading. I’ll be on a podcast, and it’s hosted by two guys in my hometown of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. But I’ll be recording my part via Zoom from home in Columbus, Indiana. Forgive me?

Whether or not you do, I’ll be speaking with Whether or not you do, I’ll be speaking with Bait and Switch podcast hosts Chris Beyer and Jim Marten, fine Wauwatosa lads, on the evening of Feb. 21 from the comfort of what serves as my author lair as well as my publishing office. And I don’t even have to shave cause they’re only going to present the audio part.

We’ll talk Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher for roughly half of our time; the other half will be spent on my other creative projects, including my second book, Wicked Columbus, Indiana, and my publishing ventures.

The Wauwatosa-centric part of the two-part extravaganza will post sometime over Feb. 27-28. The second part will post March 6-7. On that one, in addition to talking all things evil and wicked in the city where I reside now, we’ll talk about PathBinder Publishing, which I own, and other books I’ve published. The guys are aiming for 30-minute segments, so I’ll try not to go off on wild tangents about cheese, bratwurst or the Green Bay Packers.

I’ll post links to the segments when they’re up. But feel free to peruse their podcasts and see all the famous guests they’ve had before me.

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