Local authors and apple cider … one more time!

My wife and I were thrilled to participate in our local, independently owned bookstore’s special Cider Sunday event on Dec. 11. We’re also humbled that they asked us back for the next one.

Viewpoint Books in Columbus, Indiana, is in the midst of its Cider Sundays, being conducted from 1-4 p.m. the first three Sundays of December. This past Sunday, five of us local authors, representing a wide variety of genres, set up shop in Viewpoint’s wonderfully holiday decorated basement.

We had some lovely chats with friends (both new and old), customers, and fellow authors; signed and sold books; and consumed warm apple cider and popcorn. As both a published author and the owner of a publishing company, I was allowed to offer both of the books I’ve written – Wicked Columbus, Indiana and Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher – as well as some of the PathBinder Publishing LLC offerings. An aside to any of my authors whose books I may sell at these types of events … yes, you get royalties from these sales.

Kimberly S. Hoffman and I will return this coming Sunday for a Cider Sunday encore. Come meet us and our fellow scribes, shop for awesome gifts for the whole family (they have so much more than just books), have a cup of cider, and for goodness sakes, be merry (figgy pudding not included). And yes, I promise to wear a tie again.

Below are some photos from the event on Dec. 11, plus some promo items of Kimberly and myself that Viewpoint has posted.

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