Brave Wings magazine story

Brave Wings _ my interview preview 3DI’m in the midst of answering lots of poignant questions about my books that will be made to make me look good on the Brave Wings magazine website. At least I trust Kyrian Lyndon to do a great job, as she always does. In fact, you should check out her site right now. Go on, do it!

Brave Wings promotes “healing and empowerment through the written word.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a story I wrote on my trip to Ireland and Scotland posted on the site. See that story here. There’s plenty of groovy photos with it, too.

In terms of content, the site focuses “on the human condition—whatever we experience in life that helps us learn, grow, and evolve.” There are also interviews with creatives, which is where my interview comes in.

Some of the topics we’ll touch on are:

  • How I got the inspiration for my first book, “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher,”
  • How my journalism background and research experiences for that book, and my second book, “Wicked Columbus, Indiana” are helping me write my first novel, “3 Months in Dublin.
  • What sorts of messages I want “Dublin” to explore.
  • What actor I think would be perfect for the role of JP Sharpe, the main character in “Dublin.”
  • And lots of other stuff.

I’m looking forward to finishing up the answers and sending them to Kyrian. I’ll let you know when the interview is published. Should be late June.


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