Poetry section added to this here website

Years ago, I tried my hand at writing poetry and song lyrics. Most of what I wrote was awful. And yet, for some reason, I kept most of it around.

I’ve recently gotten interested in writing poetry again. Poets I know in the Columbus, Indiana, area such as Matthew Jackson and Nancy Pulley, have helped inspire me to try this art form once again. I have also been inspired by longtime friend Rob McFadden, whose poetry intrigues me. And I have to thank author Jim Hunt, whose work on uncovering the mysteries of Jim Morrison’s poetry was groundbreaking.

There are poets I recall reading back in my high school and college days that inspired me, too. I just wasn’t able to transform that inspiration into much worthy of sharing back then. I’m glad I kept what I wrote years ago, though, since I can see some phrases, lines, verses that are worth sharing. Some of that will need to be reworked.

I also have a ton of notes I’ve been taking, either from conversations I had with Jim Hunt, or from dreams I’ve had, or things I’ve written down while listening to people talk.

The stuff I’m writing now doesn’t suck nearly as badly as it used to. And some of has actually been fairly decent.Below is a list of the poems I’ve posted to this website thus far. More will be added as they are finished (or get close to being finished), along with a note on how the poem came to be. I hope you enjoy some of them.

You can access them by clicking on the titles below. Or you can hover your cursor over the Poetry tab on this page and click on the poems.

Fish on the Highway

Note: I wrote the first four lines of this in the early 1980s. I wrote the rest in 2016. It’s pretty silly … or is it?

I Asked, You Answered

Note: I spent some time relaxing in a forest once, moving a chair from spot to spot, just opening up my senses to what I noticed.

One Tree (And Me)

Note: I watched a tree for a while and noticed how similar I am to it.

Prophets’ Blues

Note: People who understand the complexities of life can sometimes feel frustrated when they try to teach them to those who are not aware, and the teachings are sometimes misunderstood.

Those People

Note: I wrote this when I was very upset with someone. I realized that if I said and did all the things I thought of doing when I was upset that I would just do the things that other people did that made me upset. What good would that do?

To Save Man

Note: A description of a vivid dream I had.

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